Artist’s Bio

June has been painting since 1980 and has studied with several well-known artists. She’s also participated in various solo and group shows across the province. While June primarily works with oils and acrylics on canvas or masonite boards, she also enjoys working with watercolors, drawing, monotypes, and linocuts. Color, texture and form have always fascinated her. By combining both brush and palette work with various techniques, you’ll notice that she’s achieved a unique style.

Her work is displayed in private collections in all the provinces of Canada, in France, Japan, England, and also grace countless homes throughout the United States.

Artist’s Statement

"After painting various subject matters for many years, I soon discovered that I was especially drawn to transforming stories of my acadian heritage onto canvas.  Realizing that my textured impressionistic brushstrokes would not go away, I accepted the fact that my style of painting would not describe every detail but rather attempt to evoke emotions using light, form, color and movement.  This allows the viewer to make the image their own, which I think is the ultimate compliment".

June painting  

Here’s a short video that will introduce you to my work. Better yet, come visit me in person at my studio! But, until then, I hope you will enjoy this wee tour and take the time to browse around my site.

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