Inspiration to Creation

        Inspiration to Creation

Be inspired to create and to participate in our new "INSPIRATION TO CREATION" program!  You will leave this experience with a keepsake that you've made yourself!  The session explores with all the senses various art forms, visits to cultural locations, the Acadian culture, our music and our food.  Acadian artist, June Deveau invites you to join her to experience the process from "Inspiration to Creation” through the eyes of an artist. 

Offered Thursday afternoons – June 19th to September 25th,  1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Mid-afternoon snack is included.  Book your experience today!  $75 per person.   Book your experience today!  Call 902-645-3106 or email


"It's was so refreshing to do this experience.  It was authentic, informative and tasty too!  I would never have thought I could paint something but within minutes I had something to take home that I was actually proud of and had fun in the process.  I highly recommend this activity."    Sandra Phinney 

"I enjoyed it all, it felt real. As we all tend to be so busy, we sometimes forget to pay attention to our senses.   You sure gave us a relaxed experience to bring us to our senses to be creative."    Angela Collier

"I thoroughly enjoyed "unleasing my inner artist!"  I thought it was a great experience and it has influenced me to explore my artistic creativity further.  I plan to purchase some paint etc., and try to paint on my own."  Juanita Bruneau

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